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Over the years OnCue Productions has built stages in some of the strangest places, so if you just need a normal platform to make a speech from or something as strange as a fashion ramp on the top level of Wanderers Stadium we can build it for you. Stage surface is standard painted wood but we can supply ABS plastic as used in fashion shows or carpet tiles.

Stages and Structures can be broken into 3 main categories :

1) Standard Stages : These are made up of stage panels 1.22m x 2.44m each and can be built at a variety of heights.
Standard heights are : 150mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm
Main uses: Indoor events, fashion shows, corporate staging and raised dance floors

2) Concert or outdoor stage with roof.

Our roof structures are supported with construction grade scaffold allowing us to build on all surfaces.

Our standard roof sizes are : 4.8m x 6.0m ; 7.2m x 9.6m ; 9.6m x 19.2m
With stages from 900mm high to 2m high (custom height can be built)

3) Scaffold and set structures

These are custom structures built to suit client requirements, in the past we have built pedestrian bridges of walkways, shaking platforms, “Zip Line” harness slides, DJ towers and even truck ramps.

4) Revealing System
Due to demand we have designed and built an electromagnetic revealing system that allows us to “drop” draping or banners on demand to reveal a product or people, or for that matter anything contained in the draped of area. This has proved a huge hit with those that have used it.

We have a large stock of pre pleated industrial draping used to drape venues for aesthetics, reduce light inside or improve sound quality.